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School Staff

List of our school staff

Interim Acting Head Teacher (01.10.2018)

Mr Paul Barrowman

Acting Principal Teacher

Ms Louise Fairnie

Admin Assistant

Mrs Karen Gardner

Clerical Assistant

Mrs Brenda Robertson



  • Mrs Kay Chalmers - Early Years Officer
  • Mrs Clare Stewart - Nursery Nurse
  • Miss Clare Renwick - Nursery Nurse
  • Mrs kathleen Nimmo - Nursery Nurse
  • Miss Rachael Gaskin - Modern Apprentice Nursery Nurse

Class Teachers

  • Miss megan Forde (Mon), Mrs Angela Miller (Tues - Fri) - P1
  • Miss rachel Balmer - P1/2
  • Mrs Anne Mills  - P2
  • Mrs Jennifer Knight McGrath - P3
  • Mrs Karen Lawson (Mon-Thurs) and Miss Megan Forde (Friday) - P4
  • Miss Emma Docksey and Mrs Catriona Galbraith - P5
  • Miss Louise Fairnie and Mrs Diane Gallagher- P6
  • Miss Ruth Reid - P7

Additional Support Needs

  • Miss Laura Cairney - Support for Learning
  • Miss Megan Forde - Nurture

Pupil Support Workers

  • Mrs Kathleen Nimmo
  • Mrs Kim Walker
  • Mrs Wendy Fraser
  • Mrs Delyth MacDonald
  • Mrs Fay McBride
  • Mrs Cheryl Doolan

Visiting Specialists

  • Mr Mark Traynor - Brass Instructor
  • Mr Anthony Grant - Speech Therapist
  • Miss Aimee McGoldrick (PEF) - Speech Therapist

Dining Room Assistants

  • Ms Gail Colligan
  • Mrs Margaret Hewitson
  • Mrs Mary Cunningham
  • Mrs Ann McKay
  • Mrs Sylvia Lindsay

Breakfast Club Assistants

  • Sylvia Lindsay
  • Mrs Wendy Fraser
  • Mrs Kim Walker

Facilities Assistant

  • Mr Alex Stewart
  • Mr David Hewitson

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